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&About => &A-dro dhe... Edit
About SumatraPDF => A-dro dhe SumatraPDF Edit
Add Favorite => Keworra Tra Drudh Edit
previous: Keworra gwella
Add page %s to favorites => Keworra folen %s dhe daklow drudh Edit
Add page %s to favorites with (optional) name: => Keworra folen %s dhe daklow drudh gans hanow (dewisel): Edit
Add to favorites => Keworra dhe daklow drudh Edit
Advanced => Avonsys Edit
previous: Avonsyes
&Advanced Options... => Settyansow &avonsys... Edit
All files => Pub restren Edit
&All selected pages => Pub folen dewisys Edit
All supported documents => Pub skriven skoodhys Edit
previous: Oll an skrivennow skoodhys
Annotations => Notenyans Edit
Application: => Towlen: Edit
Are you sure you want to uninstall SumatraPDF? => Os ta sur bos hwans dhis anlea SumatraPDF? Edit
previous: Os ta sur bos hwans dhis dilea SumatraPDF?
Associate with PDF files? => Keskelmi orth restrennow PDF? Edit
Attachment: %s => Stagell: %s Edit
previous: Stagell: %s
previous: Stagel: %s
Author: => Awtour: Edit
Author: %s => Skrifer: %s Edit
Automatic => Awtomatek Edit
Automatically check for &updates => Checkya rag nowedhyansow yn awtomatek Edit
previous: Checkya rag nowythyansow yn awtomatek
Background Color: => Liw Kilva: Edit
Book View => Gwel-lyver Edit
Bookmark shortcut to page %s of %s => Folennotya skochfordhow dhe folen %s a %s Edit
Bookmark Shortcuts => Folennotya Skochfordhow Edit
Bookmarks => Folennotennow Edit
Border: %d => Amal: %d Edit
Bytes => Baytys Edit
Can't connect to the Internet (error %#x). => Ny yllir junya dhe'n kesrosweyth (gwall %#x). Edit
Cancel => Hedhi Edit
&Cancel => &Hedhi Edit
Cannot print this file => Ny yllir pryntya an restren ma Edit
Cannot start inverse search command. Please check the command line in the settings. => Ny yllir dalleth gorhemmyn gorthhwilas. Check an linen gorhemmyn y'n settyansow mar pleg. Edit
previous: Ny yllir dalleth arhadow gorthhwilas. Check an linen arhadow y'n settyansow mar pleg.
previous: Ny yllir dalleth arghadow gorthhwilas. Check an linen arghadow y'n settyansow mar pleg.
&Caret => &Karet Edit
Change Language => Chanjya yeth (Change Language) Edit
[Changes detected; refreshing] %s => [Nowedhyansow kevys; owth arnowedhi] %s Edit
previous: [Nowythyansow kevys; owth arnowytha] %s
Check for &Updates => &Checkya rag versyon nowydh Edit
previous: &Checkya rag versyon nowyth
Checking for update... => Ow checkya rag nowedhans Edit
CHM documents => Skrivennow CHM Edit
Circle => Kylgh Edit
Close => Degea Edit
Collapse All => Diskara Oll Edit
previous: Byghanhe Oll
Color: => Liw: Edit
Comic books => Bondys Delinys Edit
Compatibility => Kesplegadewder Edit
Contents: => Dalghow: Edit
&Continue installing 32-bit version => &Pesya lea gwersyon 32-byt Edit
Continuous => Heb aswa Edit
Continuous Book View => Gwel-lyver heb aswa Edit
Continuous Facing => A-dal heb aswa Edit
Contribute Translation => Keworra treylyans Edit
Copy &Image => Kopia &Skeusen Edit
Copy &Link Address => Kopia Trigva &Kevren Edit
Copy Co&mment => Kopia Ka&mpol Edit
&Copy Selection => &Kopia Dewis Edit
copying text => ow kopia tekst Edit
Copying text was denied (copying as image only) => Ny yllir kopia an tekst (ow kopia avel skeusen hepken) Edit
Copyright: => Gwirpryntyans: Edit
Could not obtain Printer properties => Ny yllir kavos gnasow an pryntyer Edit
Couldn't create the installation directory => Ny yllir gwruthyl an arayel leans Edit
Couldn't get printer name => Ny yllir kavos hanow pryntyer Edit
Couldn't initialize printer => Ny yllys darbari pryntyer Edit
Couldn't install PDF previewer => Ny yllir lea ragweler PDF Edit
Couldn't install PDF search filter => Ny yllir lea sidhel hwilas PDF Edit
previous: Ny yllir lea sythel hwilas PDF
Couldn't render the page => Ny yllys rendra folen Edit
Couldn't uninstall browser plugin => Ny yllir anlea ebilyans peurel Edit
previous: Ny yllir lea ebilyans peurel
Couldn't uninstall PDF previewer => Ny yllir anlea ragweler PDF Edit
Couldn't uninstall Sumatra search filter => Ny yllir anlea sidhel hwilas Sumatra Edit
previous: Ny yllir anlea sythel hwilas Sumatra
Couldn't write %s to disk => Ny yllir skrifa %s dhe'n disk Edit
Create Annotation &Under Cursor => Gwruthyl Notenyans &Yn-Dann Resor Edit
previous: Gwruthyl Notenyans &Yn-Dann Logosen
Create Annotation From Selection => Gwruthyl Notenyans a'th Tewis Edit
Created: => Gwrys: Edit
Current file => Restren a-lemmyn Edit
Cursor position: => Le resor: Edit
Dark => Tewl Edit
Darker => Tewlla Edit
Date: => Dedhyas: Edit
Default &Layout: => &Delinyans savonek: Edit
Default &Zoom: => &Zoum savonek: Edit
Denied Permissions: => Kumyasow Neghys: Edit
&Discard changes => &Tewlel chanjyow Edit
DjVu documents => Skrivennow DjVu Edit
Document Properties => Gnasow Skriven Edit
&Don't ask me again => &Na wovyn orthiv arta Edit
Don't install => Ny wra lea Edit
Download 64-bit version => Iskarga gwersyon 64-byt Edit
E&xit Fullscreen => Kwytya Skrin-leun Edit
Edit Annotations => Golegi notenyans Edit
Enter password => Ri ger-tremena Edit
Enter password for %s => Ri ger-tremena rag %s Edit
Enter the command-line to invoke when you double-click on the PDF document: => Enter an linen-gorhemmyn dh'y elwel pan wre'ta klyck dewblek war an skriven PDF: Edit
previous: Enter an linen-gorhemmyn dhe'y elwel pan wre'ta klyck dewblek war an skriven PDF:
EPUB ebooks => E-lyvrow EPUB Edit
Error loading %s => Gwall karga %s Edit
&Even pages only => Folennow &parow hepken Edit
Expand All => Lesa Oll Edit
F&avorites => T&aklow drudh Edit
previous: T&aklow drudh
Facing => A-dal Edit
Failed to delete uninstaller registry keys => Dilea alwedhow kovskrifva anleell Edit
Failed to rename the file! => Dashenwel an restren a fyllis! Edit
Failed to save a file => Gwithyans restren a fyllis Edit
Failed to write the extended file extension information to the registry => Skrifa kedhlow ystynnans restren ynstynnys dhe'n govskrifva a fyllis Edit
previous: Skrifa kedhlow ystynnyans restren ynstynnys dhe'n govskrifva a fyllis
Failed to write the uninstallation information to the registry => Skrifa an kedhlow anleans dhe'n govskrifva a fyllis! Edit
Fast Web View => Gwel Wias Skav Edit
Favorites => Taklow drudh Edit
FictionBook documents => Skrivennow FictionBook Edit
&File => &Restren Edit
File: => Restren: Edit
File %s not found => Ny gevir restren %s Edit
File Attachment => Stagel Restren Edit
File Size: => Braster Restren: Edit
Find: => Kavos: Edit
Find => Kavos Edit
Find Next => Kavos Nessa Edit
Find Previous => Kavos Kyns Edit
&Find what: => &Kavos pyth: Edit
Fit a Single Page => Desedha Folen Unnik Edit
Fit Content => Desedha Dalgh Edit
Fit Page => Desedha Folen Edit
&Fit pages to printable area => &Desedha folennow dhe arenebedh pryntyadow Edit
Fit Width => Desedha Les Edit
Fit Width and Show Pages Continuously => Desedha Les ha Diskwedhes Folennow Heb Aswa Edit
Fonts: => Fontys: Edit
Found text at page %s => Tekst kevys war folen %s Edit
Found text at page %s (again) => Y hevir tekst orth folen %s (arta) Edit
&Free Text => &Tekst Rydh Edit
Frequently Read => Redys yn Fenowgh Edit
GB => GB Edit
previous: GB
previous: BV
&Go To => &Mos dhe Edit
&Go to page: => &Mos dhe folen: Edit
Go to page => Mos dhe folen Edit
&Help => &Gweres Edit
Hide &Options => Kudha Settyans&ow Edit
Hide frequently read => Kudha redys yn fenowgh Edit
Hint: Use the F3 key for finding again => Hynt: Devnydhya alhwedhen F3 rag daskavos Edit
Icon: => Ikon: Edit
Image files (*.%s) => Restrennow skeusen (*.%s) Edit
Images => Skeusennow Edit
Ink => Ynk Edit
Install and relaunch => Lea ha daslonchya Edit
previous: Lea ha dastalleth
Install SumatraPDF => Lea SumatraPDF Edit
Install SumatraPDF in &folder: => Lea SumatraPDF yn &restren: Edit
Installation failed! => Ynstallyans fyllys! Edit
Installation in progress... => Ow lea... Edit
Installing 32-bit SumatraPDF on 64-bit OS => Ow lea Sumatra PDF 32-byt war SO 64-byt Edit
Interior Color: => Liw A-Bervedh: Edit
KB => KB Edit
Let Windows Desktop Search &search PDF documents => Gasa Windows Desktop Search dhe &hwilas skrivennow PDF Edit
Let Windows show &previews of PDF documents => Gasa Windows dhe dhiskwedhes &ragwelyow a skrivennow PDF Edit
Light => Golow Edit
Line => Linen Edit
Line End: => Diwedh Linen: Edit
Line Start: => Dalleth Linen: Edit
previous: Dalleth Linen
&Magnification: => &Brasheans: Edit
Make SumatraPDF default application for PDF files? => Gul SumatraPDF towlen savonek rag restrennow PDF? Edit
Man&ga Mode => Modh Man&ga Edit
&Manual => &Kowethlyver Edit
Match Case => An keth kas Edit
&Match case => An &Keth kas Edit
MB => MB Edit
Mobi documents => Restrennow Mobi Edit
Modified: => Chanjys: Edit
New version available => Gwersyon nowydh kavadow Edit
Next Page => Nessa Folen Edit
&No => &Na Edit
No matches were found => Ny veu keyvys par vyth Edit
No result found around line %u in file %s => Ny veu kevys sywyans vyth a-dro dhe linen %u y'n restren %s Edit
No synchronization file found => Ny veu kevys restren gettermynegi vyth Edit
No synchronization info at this position => Ny veu kevys derivadow kettermynegi y'n le ma Edit
Number of Pages: => Niver a Folennow: Edit
&Odd pages only => Folennow &dibarow hepken Edit
(of %d) => (a %d) Edit
OK => Da lowr Edit
Opacity: => Disklerder: Edit
Opacity: %d => Disklerder: %d Edit
Open => Ygeri Edit
Open &in PDF-XChange => Ygeri yn PDF-XChange Edit
Open a document... => Ygeri restren... Edit
&Open Document => &Ygeri Skriven Edit
Open Embedded PDF => Ygeri PDF Neythys Edit
Open in %s => Ygeri yn %s Edit
Open in &Adobe Reader => Ygeri yn &Adobe Reader Edit
Open in &Foxit Reader => Ygeri yn &Foxit Reader Edit
Open in &Microsoft HTML Help => Ygeri yn Microsoft HTML Help Edit
Open in &Microsoft XPS-Viewer => Ygeri yn Microsoft XPS-Viewer Edit
&Options => &Dewisyow Edit
&Options... => &Etholyow... Edit
P&roperties => &Gnasow Edit
Page: => Folen: Edit
Page %s => Folen %s Edit
(page %s) => (%s folen) Edit
Page number %u inexistant => Nyns eus folen %u Edit
Page scaling => Skeylyans an folen Edit
Page Size: => Braster Folen: Edit
PalmDoc documents => Skrivennow PalmDoc Edit
&Password: => &Ger-tremena: Edit
PDF Document => Restren PDF Edit
PDF documents => Restrennow PDF Edit
PDF Optimizations: => Gwellheans PDF Edit
PDF Producer: => Askorrer PDF: Edit
PDF Version: => Versyon PDF: Edit
&Pin Document => &Pynna Skriven Edit
Please close %s to proceed! => Gwra degea %s dhe besya, mar pleg! Edit
Please wait - rendering... => Gortos, mar pleg - ow rendra... Edit
Poly Line => Lieslinen Edit
Polygon => Liestuek Edit
Popup: %d 0 R => Tardhans: %d 0 R Edit
Postscript documents => Skrivennow Postscript Edit
Previous Page => Folen kyns Edit
Print => Pryntya Edit
Print range => Res pryntya Edit
&Print... => &Pryntya... Edit
&Print... (denied) => &Pryntya... (neghys) Edit
Printer with given name doesn't exist => Nyns eus pryntyer gans an hanow na Edit
printing document => ow pryntya skriven Edit
Printing in progress. => Ow pryntya... Edit
Printing is still in progress. Abort and quit? => Ow pryntya hwath. Astel ha kwytya? Edit
Printing is still in progress. Abort and start over? => Ow pryntya hwath. Astel ha dastalleth? Edit
Printing page %d of %d... => Ow pryntya folen %d a %d... Edit
Printing problem. => Kaletter ow pryntya Edit
Rect: x=%d y=%d dx=%d dy=%d => Hirbedrek: x=%d y=%d dx=%d dy=%d Edit
Redact => Redaktya Edit
Remember &opened files => Kovhe restrennow ygerys Edit
&Remember the password for this document => &Perthi kov a'n ger tremena rag an skriven ma Edit
&Remember these settings for each document => Gwitha an etholy&ow ma rag pub restren Edit
Remove from favorites => Removya a daklow drudh Edit
&Remove From History => &Removya A Istori Edit
Remove page %s from favorites => Removya folen %s a daklow drudh Edit
Rename To => Dashenwel Dhe Edit
S&election => D&ewisans Edit
S&quiggly => I&gam-ogam Edit
Save annotations? => Gwitha notenyansow? Edit
&Save As... => &Gwitha Avel... Edit
Save changes to a new PDF => Gwitha chanjyow dhe PDF nowydh Edit
Save changes to existing PDF => Gwitha chanjyow dhe PDF A-Lemmyn Edit
Save Embedded File... => Gwitha Restren Neythys... Edit
Save to &new PDF => Gwitha dhe PDF &nowydh Edit
&Save to existing PDF => &Gwitha dhe PDF seulabrys Edit
Saved annotations to '%s' => Notenyansow gwithys dhe '%s' Edit
Saving of '%s' failed with: '%s' => Gwitha '%s' re fyllis gans: '%s' Edit
Search With &Bing => Hwilas Gans &Bing Edit
Search With &Google => Hwilas Gans &Google Edit
&Search With Google => &Hwilas Gans Google Edit
Searching %d of %d... => Ow hwilas %d a %d... Edit
Select &All => Dewis &Oll Edit
Select Annotation in Editor => Dewis Notenyans y'n Wolegell Edit
Select content with Ctrl+left mouse button => Dewis dalgh gans Ctrl+boton-logosen kledh Edit
Select the folder where SumatraPDF should be installed: => Dewis an restren le may fynnydh lea SumatraPDF: Edit
Selection: => Dewis: Edit
Send by &E-mail... => Danvon der &e-bost... Edit
Set inverse search command-line => Settya linen-arhadow gorthhwilas Edit
&Settings => &Settyansow Edit
Show &Favorites => Diskwedhes &Taklow Drudh Edit
Show &Pages Continuously => Diskwedhes folennow heb aswa Edit
Show &Scrollbars => Diskwedhes &Skrolvarrys Edit
Show &Toolbar => Diskwedhes toulvar Edit
Show Favorites => Diskwedhes Taklow Drudh Edit
Show frequently read => Diskwedhes redys yn fenowgh Edit
Show in &folder => Diskwedhes yn &restren Edit
Show Scr&ollbars => Diskwedhes Skr&olvarrys Edit
Show the &bookmarks sidebar when available => Diskwedhes &amalvar an lyververkyow mars eus onan Edit
&Shrink pages to printable area (if necessary) => &Lehe folennow dhe arenebedh pryntyadow (mars yw res) Edit
Single Page => Unn folen hepken Edit
Skip this version => Skyppya an gwersyon ma Edit
Sorry, that shouldn't have happened!\n\nPlease press 'Cancel', if you want to help us fix the cause of this crash. => Drog yw genen, ny dalvia dhe henna hwarvos!\n\nGwra gweskel 'Hedhi', mars eus hwans dhis agan gweres dhe ewnhe skila an droglam. Edit
Source file %s has no synchronization point => Nyns eus poynt kettermynegi vyth y'n restren %s Edit
Square => Pedrek Edit
&Stamp => &Stampa Edit
Start SumatraPDF => Dalleth SumatraPDF Edit
&Strike Out => &Treuslinya Edit
Subject: => Testen: Edit
SumatraPDF %s Installer => Leell %s SumatraPDF Edit
SumatraPDF %s Uninstaller => Anleell %s SumatraPDF Edit
previous: Dileell %s SumatraPDF
SumatraPDF crashed => SumatraPDF a hedhas distowgh Edit
SumatraPDF has been uninstalled. => SumatraPDF a veu anleys Edit
SumatraPDF installation not found. => Ny yllir trovya leans SumatraPDF. Edit
SumatraPDF Options => Etholyow SumatraPDF Edit
SumatraPDF Update => Nowedhi SumatraPDF Edit
SVG documents => Dogvennow SVG Edit
previous: Restrennow SVG
Synchronization file cannot be opened => Ny yllir ygeri an restren gettermynegi Edit
Tagged PDF => PDF Taggys Edit
&Text => &Tekst Edit
Text Alignment: => Alinyans Tekst: Edit
Text Color: => Liw Tekst: Edit
Text documents => Restrennow tekst Edit
Text Size: => Braster Tekst: Edit
Text Size: %d => Braster Tekst: %d Edit
Thank you for choosing SumatraPDF! => Meur ras a dhewis SumatraPDF! Edit
Thank you! SumatraPDF has been installed. => Meur ras! SumatraPDF a veu leys. Edit
The installer has been corrupted. Please download it again.\nSorry for the inconvenience! => An jynnik-lea re beu legrys, Gwra y iskarga arta.\nDrog yw genen a'n ankombrynsi! Edit
previous: An leans re beu legrys, Gwra y iskarga arta.\nDrog yw genev a'n ankombrynsi!
previous: An leans re beu legrys, Gwra y iskarga arta.\nDrog yw genen a'n ankombrynsi!
&Theme => &Thema Edit
This document uses unsupported features (%s) and might not render properly => An skriven ma a us nasyow anskoodhys (%s) hag yth yw possybyl na wra hi rendra yn ta Edit
Title: => Titel: Edit
Translate with &DeepL => Treylya gans &DeepL Edit
&Translate With Google => &Treylya Gans Google Edit
&Underline => &Islinya Edit
Uninstall SumatraPDF => Anlea SumatraPDF Edit
previous: Dilea SumatraPDF
Uninstallation failed => Anleans a fyllis Edit
previous: Dileans a fyllis
Uninstallation in progress... => Anleans ow pos gwrys... Edit
previous: Dileans ow pos gwrys...
Unknown source file (%s) => Restren-bennfenten anaswonnys (%s) Edit
Unsaved annotations => Notenyansow anwithys Edit
Unsaved annotations in '%s' => Notenyansow anwithys yn '%s' Edit
Use &tabs => Usya &tabbys Edit
&Use original page sizes => &Usya braster folen wreydhek Edit
&View => &Gweles Edit
View => Gwel Edit
Visit &Website => &Mos dhe'n wiasva Edit
Warning => Gwarnyans Edit
&Window => &Fenester Edit
XPS documents => Skrivennow XPS Edit
&Yes => &Ya Edit
You have the latest version. => Yma'n versyon nowyttha genes. Edit
You have unsaved annotations => Yma notenyansow anwithys dhis Edit
You have version '%s' and version '%s' is available.\nDo you want to install new version? => Yma dhis gwersyon '%s' ha gwersyon '%s' yw kavadow.\nA vynn'ta lea gwersyon nowydh? Edit
You're installing 32-bit SumatraPDF on 64-bit OS.\nWould you like to download\n64-bit version? => Yth esos ow lea SumatraPDF 32-byt war SO 64-byt.\n A vynn'ta iskarga\nan gwersyon 64-byt? Edit
&Zoom => &Zoum Edit
Zoom => Zoumya Edit
Zoom factor => Faktor-zoum Edit
Zoom In => Zoumya a-bervedh Edit
Zoom Out => Zoumya dhe-ves Edit

117 unused strings:

%s of %s
Colapse All
Couldn't create temporary directory
Couldn't install browser plugin
Couldn't obtain temporary directory
Couldn't remove the shortcut
Couldn't uninstall PDF search filter
Error: Couldn't run SumatraPDF!
Error: SumatraPDF hasn't been found!
Error: The document couldn't be downloaded!
Failed to copy uninstaller to temp directory
Failed to create a shortcut
Hide &Favorites
Install PDF &browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome and Opera
Keep the PDF &browser plugin installed (no longer supported)
Loading file %s...
Opening document in SumatraPDF...
Print as &image (requires more memory)
&Remove Document
Replace document &colors with Windows color scheme
Save Annotations to existing PDF\tCtrl+Shift+S
Some files to be installed are damaged or missing
SumatraPDF %s Instaler
Use &Tabs
%s installation not found. => Ny gevir leans %s.
&Actual Size\tCtrl+1 => &Braster gwir\tCtrl+1
Add child => Keworra flogh
Add page %s to favorites\tCtrl+B => Keworra folen %s dhe daklow drudh\tCtrl+B
Add PDF as a child => Keworra PDF avel flogh
Add PDF as a sibling => Keworra PDF avel hwor
Add sibling => Keworra hwor
Are you sure you want to uninstall %s? => Os ta sur bos hwans dhis anlea %s?
previous: Os ta sur bos hwans dhis dilea %s?
&Back\tAlt+Left Arrow => War-lergh\tAlt+<-
&Book View\tCtrl+8 => &Gwel-lyver\tCtrl+8
Book&marks\tF12 => Lyververkyow\tF12
Caret => To byghan
&Close\tCtrl+W => &Degea\tKtrl+W
previous: &Degea\tCtrl+W
Color => Liw
&Copy Selection \tCtrl-C => &Kopia Dewisans \tKtrl-C
&Copy Selection\tCtrl+C => Dasskrifa Dewis\tCtrl+C
&Copy To Clipboard\tCtrl-C => &Kopia dhe'n Skryp\tKtrl-C
Couldn't remove installation directory => Ny yllir removya arayel leans
Create Annotation => Gwruthyl Notenyans
Create Annotation Under Cursor => Gwruthyl Notenyans Yn-Dann Resor
Custom &Zoom...\tCtrl+Y => &Zoum arbennik...\tCtrl+Y
Default PDF reader can't be changed in portable mode => Ny yll an pennredyer PDF bos chanjyes yn modh degadow
previous: Ny yll an pennredyer PDF bos chanjyes yn modh porthadow
Discard => Hepkor
Download => Iskarga
E&xit\tCtrl+Q => &Degea\tCtrl+Q
Edit => Golegi
Edit Bookmarks => Golegi Folennotennow
Export Bookmarks => Esperthi Folennotennow
F&orward\tAlt+Right Arrow => Yn-rag\tAlt+->
F&ullscreen\tCtrl+Shift+L => Skrin Leun\tCtrl+Shift+L
F&ullscreen\tF11 => Skrin Leun\tCtrl+Shift+L
&Facing\tCtrl+7 => &A-dal\tCtrl+7
Failed to register as default program on win 10 => Kovskrifa avel towlen dhefowt gans Win 10 a fyllis
Fin&d...\tCtrl+F => Kavos...\tCtrl+F
&First Page\tHome => Kynsa Folen\tHome
Fit &Content\tCtrl+3 => Desedha &Dalgh\tCtrl+3
Fit &Page\tCtrl+0 => Desedha &Folen\tCtrl+0
Fit &Width\tCtrl+2 => &Desedha Les\tCtrl+2
Formatting the book... %d pages => Ow furvasa an lyver... %d folen
Free Text => Tekst Rydh
Highlight => Golowboyntya
&Highlight\ta => &Golowboyntya\ta
previous: &Ughboyntya\ta
&Last Page\tEnd => Diwettha folen\tEnd
Make SumatraPDF my default PDF reader => Gwra SumatraPDF ow fennredyer PDF
New &window\tCtrl+N => &Fenester nowydh\tCtrl+N
New Bookmarks => Folennotennow Nowydh
New version %s is available. Download new version? => Versyon nowyth %s yw parys. Iskarga versyon nowyth?
&Next Page\tRight Arrow => Nessa Folen\t->
&No, thanks => &Na, meur ras
&Open...\tCtrl+O => &Ygor...\tCtrl+O
P&roperties\tCtrl+D => &Gnasow\tCtrl+D
Pa&ge...\tCtrl+G => Folen...\tCtrl+G
Pr&esentation\tF5 => Pr&esentyans\tF5
&Previous Page\tLeft Arrow => Folen kyns\t<-
&Print...\tCtrl+P => &Pryntya\tCtrl+P
Re&name...\tF2 => Dashe&nwel...\tF2
Remove Item => Removya Tra
Rotate &Left\tCtrl+Shift+- => Treylya a-gledh\tCtrl+Shift+-
Rotate &Right\tCtrl+Shift++ => Treylya a-dhyhow\tCtrl+Shift++
Save annoations? => Gwitha notenyansow?
Save Annotations => Gwitha Notennow
Save As => Gwitha avel
&Save As...\tCtrl+S => &Gwitha avel...\tCtrl+S
Save S&hortcut...\tCtrl+Shift+S => Gwitha S&kochfordh\tCtrl+Shift+S
Select &All\tCtrl+A => Dewis &Oll\tCtrl+A
previous: Dewis &Oll|tCtrl+A
Show &Bookmarks\tF12 => Diskwedhes &Folennotennow\tF12
Show &pages continuously => Diskwedhes folennow heb aswa
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